Friday, August 16, 2013

Days of Stripes and Roses

This, right here, made me feel like the bombdiggity. Yes, that is still part of my vocabulary. I am so thrilled that I had a concept in mind and pulled it off! My inspiration was from the bouquet of roses my husband got me (awww). They were red, pink, peach, and yellow, and I wanted to find a way to represent it. Of course doing literal roses would do the trick, and I knew it was something I wanted to try out. I didn't think I had the skills yet, and thought it might end up in a total mess. I was so surprised how well I did (both hands too!), and how much I liked the overall design on my nails.

The tutorial I followed for the roses is from The Nailasaurus. The rose buds themselves were surprisingly easy. It was the leaves that I struggled with more because it had become a little crowded. For the other nails I started with a peach base color. Then I applied the pink stripes with a striping brush from my nail art brush set. My brushes have been so much fun to play with, and they are really cheap from Amazon.

What I used:
OPI A Dozen Rosas- pink stripe
Jenna Hipp Hashtag- peach base
Jenna Hipp Tweet Me- yellow base
Essie Naughty Nautical- green

Roses: American Apparel Downtown LA-red dot, OPI A Dozen Rosas- pink dot, Jenna Hipp Damage Control- pastel pink. For the other shades on the roses I mixed together a few more colors.

So, what do you think? Is it as neat as I think it is? Would you wear this on your nails?


  1. "Bombdiggity." Ha ha! You are seriously so talented. I love the colors and you know I'm a sucker for roses.

    1. Thanks! I am having fun discovering my "hidden talents". I remember now your love of roses. Next time I will think of you.


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