Thursday, March 8, 2018

KBShimmer Launch Party Collection

Fasten your seat belts and prepare for takeoff! Indie brand KBShimmer is celebrating 10 years in business in a major way! They've updated their logo, packaging, and bath and body line with flare and style. To introduce this rebranding overhaul they are releasing an eight piece duo/multichrome magnetic polish Launch Party collection, plus one holographic top coat that complements the other shades perfectly. 

While I am over the moon (haha) about these changes and the new collection I have to tell you that I did have trouble getting a distinct cat eye effect that is possible with magnetic polishes. Just to be clear, I did use the magnet on each of these swatches, whether it's obvious or not. Jenne at Polished Pathology did an amazing job getting that effect and she shared with me that she removed her magnet from the plastic holder. So maybe that was my only problem. After feeling like a failure I was so tempted to try reswatching everything. In the end I decided not to so that anyone else who might struggle as I did can see how beautiful they still are!

Let’s Do Launch is a magnetic multichrome that shifts peach/pinks/lime green/grass green. This is my favorite of the collection! The shades are so pretty together and really flattering. Shown in two coats plus top coat.

Just A Phase is a magnetic multichrome that shifts red/bright pink/gold/green/copper/peach. I've never been good at photographing duo/multichrome photos and some of the the descriptions might be a bit confusing because of it. I'm hoping the second photo of each polish with be helpful! This is my second favorite. Shown in two coats plus top coat.

Solar Flair is a magnetic multichrome that shifts gold/yellow/hot oranges/reds. Wow! This one will burn your retinas out it's so molten! Shown in two coats plus top coat.

Thrust Issues is a magnetic multichrome that shifts yellow/gold/orange. Firstly, this name is my favorite! And this shade just glows for days. Shown is two coats, plus top coat.

Spaced Out is a magnetic multichrome that shifts purple/pink/green/blue/almost silver. This color combo isn't my favorite so I was surprised I liked it as much as I did! Shown is two coats, plus top coat.

You Rocket My World is a magnetic multichrome that shifts vibrant green/shades of lavender/silver. Not being a big green fan, THIS type of green is just swoon worthy! Shown is two coats, plus top coat.

No Comet is a magnetic duochrome that shifts vibrant blue/purple. Okay this was the least shifty, least magnetic polish for me. It's the only only one I don't care much for. Shown is two coats, plus top coat.

Orbits and Pieces is a magnetic duochrome polish vibrant magenta pink hue/bold blue toned purple. After No Comet, this was the second least changed with the magnet for me. I could still see the difference though and I like the shade. Shown is two coats, plus top coat.

A Star Is Formed is a clear based holographic top coat loaded with micro holo flakes. I tried this over a couple different shades and oh my goodness! It make each one turn into a gorgeous galaxy. The distribution of holo is the perfect amount and in my opinion is a must have! Shown is one coat over Orbits and Pieces. 

Take a breath, I'm not finished yet! For a VERY limited time there is this beautiful multichrome bag available when you purchase the whole collection.

I also mentioned that there was an update to the bath and body line. They've been reformulated with new scents, better moisture, and are all vegan and cruelty free. I tried the Body Lotion in Pink Sugar and now I'm hooked. The formula is so rich but not oily, and the scent is subtly sexy. 

My last product to share is the Picture Perfect Cuticle Cream in Barely There (no noticeable scent). I had tried the old formula and honestly wasn't impressed. The reformulation is exactly what I had previously hoped for and I love it! For any nail blogger who wants hydrated but matte cuticles for their photos, this is a must have!

Now for the deets. The Launch Party collection will be available March 15th. The retail price is $10 each polish and for a (very) limited time, get the whole collection, magnet, and multichrome bag for $90.00. The KBShimmer Magnet retails for $3.00. Purchases can be made through the KBShimmer websiteHarlow & Co.Color4Nails, and Amazon


Whew! Did you make it? Are you totally pumped?! What do you think of the collection? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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