Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Guest Post from Roaring Nails

I have another wonderful guest post for you today! Isn't this so fun? Today's post is by Robin from Roaring Nails (formerly Rexxx Did It). I started following Robin's blog a few months ago. In fact, now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure I discovered her blog from a guest post. Hmm, what a coinkydink! Whenever one of her posts shows up on my newsfeed they are instantly recognizable. Her nail shapes are so unique and I love them! She always manages to come up with something different, and today is no exception!

Hi everyone! 

I'm Robin, a 22 year old girl from Belgium, and I run the blog Roaring Nails! When Emiline asked me if I wanted to be a part of her guest post series to celebrate her one year blogiversary, I was so honoured - her designs always amaze and inspire me (I even recreated one of her designs recently!) so I definitely wanted to guest post for her!

The design I'm showing you today, has a nice origin story: it saw the light by total accident. I wanted to do a tribal design on top of the dry brushed bright colours, but the first black line I made was so totally crooked instead of straight. I decided to change my plans and just go with it! Hence the name "accidentally geometrical" ;)

I was inspired by this lovely design by Paulina's Passions. I really liked the dry brush technique with bright colours, so I used all nice and bright polishes. To be honest, I have a feeling I've seen a similar design with lines like this before somewhere - I didn't recreate a certain design on purpose, but maybe unconsiously. So if you feel like you've seen something similar before (and have a name or link) please let me know so I can give credit! I've searched myself for a possible inspiration source but couldn't find any.

But anyway: for my design, I started out with two coats of Essie's Urban Jungle (which is such a nice colour! Dishonour on me and on my cow for totally covering it up here with other polishes). Then I used the dry brush technique (you can see a great tutorial here by ChalkBoard Nails) with Claire's Beach, Maybelline's Tropink, Maybelline's Corals Up, and Essie's Roarrrrange.

I then added the black lines with acrilyc paint. I freehanded the lines so they're not perfect, but it was a great way to practice my ability to paint straight lines :p

AND the best part: I did this on both hands! Often I walk around with an intricate design on my left hand and a simpler version of it on my right hand, but this time I went all out :D It was quite easy to paint the stripes with my non-dominant hand, they sometimes turned out a bit crooked or thick but I'm glad with the overall look!

What do you think of my design? I hope you like it!

Thanks a lot for reading, and thanks a lot Emiline for wanting me to guest post! I always love doing it because it challenges me to come up with good designs worthy of guest posts! :)

A big thanks to Robin for this awesome post! Everyone go check out Roaring Nails now (do it!). A good place to start would be one of my favorites, her Monochrome Geometric nails. Then follow her on facebook, bloglovin', or whatevs you like!

Thank you for reading! Isn't this mani so fun? I totally know what she means about walking around with one intricate hand and one simple one. Please leave a comment and share what you think. 

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