Monday, July 28, 2014

OMD2 Challenge Day 25- Roses

Many of you may recognize this mani as a recreation of Paulina Passion's Nautical Rose Nails. She did them back in February, and they're still one of my favorites of hers. I fell in love the instant I saw them. I've been wanting to try them ever since. I don't typically copycat manis so closely. But with this one I wanted to get as close to original design as I could manage.

I realized that I don't have a good green to use for the leaves after I started to look through all my green polishes. I ended up going with this neon green shade because I thought I would like the contrast against the blue. In the end, the neon made it hard to photograph well so I'm a little annoyed by it.

What I used:
Sinful Colors Snow Me White- white
OPI OPI..Eurso Euro- blue
Jenna Hipp Damage Control- light pink
Clinique Hi Sweetie- fushia
love, charlotte xo (no color)- neon green
Seche Vite
gold studs from Born Pretty Store

So what do you think? Like I mentioned, I usually try to avoid copying a mani too closely because then that leads to comparison. If yours isn't at the same level, it shows more obviously. So now my goals are, 1) find a better green and 2) practice, practice, practice my roses!

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