Saturday, July 26, 2014

Guest Post from Very Emily

Today is a little bittersweet. I'm sad that my guest post series is over after today, but so thrilled to present my final one! The very talented Emily from Very Emily is gracing the blog with her presence with a beautiful mani. Not only is Emily a talented nail artist and swatcher, but she is super sweet too! I was so thrilled to discover her blog a few months ago. And since then I've been impressed by how well she interacts with her readers. Every time I've left a comment, Emily has responded with a thoughtful message. She is my shining example to do better at this myself. I'm trying, I promise! Now let's take a look..

Hi everyone! I'm Emily from the blog Very Emily and I'll be guest posting on Nail Polish Society today. I was so honoured when Emiline asked me to guest post for her to celebrate her 1 year blogiversary. I simply couldn't refuse! I want to congratulate her again on this awesome milestone and hope she'll be around for many more years as I love her work!

I came up with this fun and easy floral print for this guest post. I used floral water decals for this manicure as it would break my heart to paint over freehanded florals. :D Don't you agree ladies?! And I was also looking for  fun way to use them that is just a little different or more unique than just placing them on top of a solid colour. I really like how it came out!

I started with OPI My Vampire Is Buff as a base on all fingers except for my middle finger. Then I placed on the floral water decals (I used some old ones from Born Pretty Store that sadly don't seem to be on the website anymore, but any floral decals will do!). Over that I freehanded a few vertical lines using ORLY Instant Artist striper in Jet Black and filled in the side on the right. On my middle finger I used Serum No. 5 Laven-Daringly Bright which is a super cute pastel lavender creme that glows in the dark. To add some detail I placed on four 2mm gold studs from Born Pretty Store.

Lately I'm all about mattifying my nails and I couldn't resist to add some matte top coat to the floral nails. I used Catrice Matte Top Coat for this but any one will do. I love how it adds a different effect! Which version do you prefer? I gave Emiline the choice to pick either the glossy or matte (or both!) for the guest post, and neither of us could decide so in the end we went for both haha!

I really hope you like this manicure and thank you so much to Emiline for having me on your awesome blog. I'm so glad she asked me as we got chatting and I'm really happy to have met her. She's just the sweetest! Hope you have another awesome year of blogging, Emiline. Wishing you the best of luck and I'll be on the sideline watching and cheering you on. :)

Thank you so much sweetie! I loved it. I sure hope we'll both be around for a long time. :)

What did you all think? I recommend demand you check out her blog! I'm still in love with these Summer Ikat Nails, so that's a good place to start. You can also follow Emily on facebook, instagram, twitter, bloglovin', and tumblr.

Have you all noticed that for such a small country, Belgium is really bursting with talent! First Roaring Nails, now Very Emily (I know there are at least a couple other bloggers I follow that are from there). 

Thank you again for reading ladies! I hope these guest posts have been as rewarding for you as they have for me. Please leave a comment to let me know! (I'll be out of town, so that's my excuse if I don't respond right away!)

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