Saturday, April 8, 2017

What's Up Nails New Stamping Plates & Vinyls + Tools Review

Hello lovelies! Today's post is nail art (yay!) created with a few products I was sent to review from What's Up Nails. They have recently launched under their house brand name, six awesome new stamping plates. The designs on the plates are really beautiful and the etching is high quality. I was sent another product not shown above that has presented a learning curve for me so I'll have to have a second post for when I figure it out!

See what I mean about their plates having beautiful designs? For this for mani I went with the image in the middle of the plate. It looks like an open curtain with dangling glass beads, don't you think?

Products used:
Whats Up Nails A010 Henna Entrancement stamping plate
Celestial Cosmetics Buck Up Buttercup- sandy taupe holo
A England St. George- green holo

For my next look I tried this faux water marble image. To make it look more legit I reversed the image for half of my mani. For two of the nails I did reverse stamping on my stamper head. And for the other two I made decals on my silicone mat.

Products used:
Whats Up Nails B002 Water Marble to Perfection stamping plate
Celestial Cosmetics Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go...- blackened teal holo
Celestial Cosmetics Resting Bitch Face (Stops Wrinkles)- medium blue holo 
Powder Perfect Silver stamping polish

How adorable is this little bunny stencil?? For as intricate as the egg stencil is, it was easy to work with. To get it to lay flat on the nail I cut the edges that hang over the nail to make it more flexible.

Products used:
Whats Up Nails Eggs Stencils and Bunny Stencils
Vapid Unicorn Egg- gray glitter crelly
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Cherry Fast
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Pink Blink
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Brisk Blue

I was so excited to create this (real) water marble with my new water marble tool! For years I have been using pins or orange sticks, and this is soo much better! The point is nice and skinny so I can be more exact and the handle is just the right size to be comfortable to hold. 

After creating my water marble I decided to play around with it a bit. I took my new striper brush and applied this gorgeous glitter and gold flake topper over the darker blue lines. The bristles are long enough that I could get each line covered in one smooth stoke.

Products used:
Polish My Life Buoyant and Bouncy (cobalt), Your Wildest Fanta-Sea (baby blue), and Sexy Shorline (nude)
Glam Polish My, What A Guy Gaston!- glitter topper
Whats Up Nails Pure Color #7 Watermarble tool
Whats Up Nails Pure Color #12 Striper brush

All of the products I reviewed are available now at What's Up Nails websiteIf you like to watermarble I definitely recommend the watermarble tool! And really I'd recommend all these products because I had a good experience with all of them.

What's Up Nails

Which one is your favorite mani? What type of nail art do you like to create best? Thanks for reading!

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