Saturday, April 1, 2017

Masura Magnetic Polish Swatches and Review

I have some especially beautiful swatches to share with you today! Anastasia of the Russian stockist Polish Molish offered to send some Masura magnetic polishes and I was thrilled at the chance. I have seen swatches from this brand all over the place and have wanted to try them for the longest time. I have to tell you right now though that none of the photos I've seen, nor mine here in this post do the polishes justice. I mean, yes the photos look pretty, but in real life they are MAGICAL. It's like the fun of a science experiment combined with the convenience of nail art in a bottle- all into one polish! I'm not typically one for hyperbole, so you know they have to be good...

If you're new to this type of polish I recommend watching this short instructional video by Very Emily. The formulas are really easy to work with, and on the somewhat thicker side. When you first apply them I'll be frank and tell you the finish is frosty and a little ugly. But once you hover the magnet over your nail, it transforms before your very eyes.

Mehendi is a warm brown with golden/copper shimmer. You know how much I love a good brown polish and this was exactly as amazing as I hoped it would be. Shown is two coats, plus top coat.

Kashmir Chile is a gorgeous deep burnt sienna that transforms into an amazing tiger's eye effect. Shown is two coats, plus top coat.

Cobalt Damass is a deeply saturated indigo blue. The effect in this one was more subtle than the others, but I'm not complaining. Shown is two coats, plus top.

Ruby Temptation is a deep magenta/violet. Another great color, I plan on putting this on my toes. Shown is two coats, plus top coat.

Mint and Basil is a deep emerald/teal green. The shift of colors is beautiful once again here. Shown is two coats, plus top coat. 

Each bottle contains 11ml, and can be purchased from Polish Molish (you'll want to translate the language for non-Russian speakers). You can also purchase the magnets there if you don't already own one made specially for this type of polish.

Polish Molish

Tell me what you think! Do you have any magnetic polishes? Were you as mesmerized with them as I was? If you don't have any I highly recommend purchasing them. I'm positive you will have as much fun as I did! 

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