Friday, March 24, 2017

UberChic Beauty Collection 15 Stamping Plate Review

I have another UberChic Beauty stamping plate post for you today! I never get tired of these because I always come up with one or two looks that I really love. This time though I really think I love every one! Let's see if you do too..

Products used:
A England Wuthering Heights- medium gray
A England Cathy- light purple-ish gray
Powder Perfect Black stamping polish

Products used:
Powder Perfect Lancelot- gold duochrome
Powder Perfect Guinevere- purple
Powder Perfect Morgan Le Fay- maroon
Powder Perfect Excalibur- gray glitter
Powder Perfect White stamping polish

Products used:
Vapid Pegasus Poot- purple
Vapid Twerk-uoise- aqua
Vapid Unicorn Egg- gray
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Plummet- dark purple
Essie Virgin Snow - light lavender creme

Products used:
Tonic Poison Rose- rose
Tonic Stars At Twilight- purple
Powder Perfect White stamping polish

Products used:
Colores de Carol Discovery (pink), Daydream (orange), Elysium (yellow), Fantasia (green), Infinity (blue), Curious (purple)
Powder Perfect Black stamping polish

My photos don't quite convey the amazing sparkle that pops from these flowers. I don't want to take this mani off!

The Collection 15 set retails for $24.99, and can be purchased through UberChic Beauty's website.

UberChic Beauty

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know which look you liked best in the comments :).

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