Monday, August 1, 2016

Stardust Beauty August 2016 Releases

I have four of the Stardust Beauty August releases to share with you today. One is a limited addition and the other three I have are inspired by Hot Wheels cars! I think any card carrying nail polish addict pays close attention to the paint jobs on any car that's not straight black or white. Now identifying the make or model is a whole other story, one I can't tell you because I know nothing about them! Like I said, I can appreciate the colors, so I am totally behind this inspiration.

Formula and application:
Stardust Polishes are all 3-free (meaning no Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP) and hand-mixed in small batches. Each one had a different formula, so I'll be describing each one along with the application accompanying the photos. 

Bottle and brush:
The bottles contain .5 fl.oz./ 15ml. The brushes are skinny and round. The length is medium sized and flexes well for application. 

August 2016 (LE) is a multichrome holo that shifts to purple, green, copper, and teal. I don't think I've seen a mulitchrome quite like this! The colors are so pretty and the amount of holo is not too overpowering. The formula was pretty easy to work with, but it did show all the flaws on my nails. I should have used a ridge filler as my base coat. This was two coats, plus top coat.

Trying to get a good macro in direct sunlight was pretty impossible for me. There's just too much going on that you can't see here.

'43 Hot Rod is a bright Barbie pink scattered holo with platinum flakes and micro holo silver glitter. I love the hot pinks that Drema creates, and this one is really special. The first coat went on slightly patchy from the flakes, but evened out just fine after the second coat. This is two coats, plus top coat.

'69 VW Squareback is a micro glitter filled with orange, purple, violet, gold, blue, turquoise, and holo glitter in a slightly tinted blue/green base. The mix of glitters is playful and fun without being weird. The texture is a little more gritty than I prefer, so you want to go heavy with the top coat. The first coat was on the sheer side but it built up nicely on the second coat. This was two coats, with one coat of top coat.

In the shade:

Direct sunlight:

'71 El Camino is a deep purple with purple/pink & blue/purple multichrome microflakes. I love the subtle multidimensional quality to this one. The formula was on the thinner side, so I should have used three coats for the photos. In person though the two coats I used looked just fine. Shown with top coat.

Another one that was really hard to capture. The microflakies are so micro and subtle. 

All four polishes (along with the additional four shades not featured here) will be available this evening at 8PM EST, and retail for $10-$12. August 2016 will only be available through August 31th.

Stardust Beauty

What do you think of these shades? Do you like the Hot Wheels inspiration? August 2016 is my favorite with '43 Hot Rod coming in second.

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