Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pretty & Polished Veil Collection Nail Art and Review

Hey everyone! Today I have a post that is WAY overdue. I will heartily admit that I struggled with this one. This was my first foray into thermal polish territory and I was slightly overwhelmed. The polishes I have to share with you are the Pretty & Polished Veil Collection. This is a six piece collection of thermal toppers that become transparent with heat. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well they are cool! I just had a learning curve with how to photograph and best show these off to get over. I've been holding on to this post going back and forth with whether I should just start over, but I've finally decided I just need to show this and I think you'll get the point!

Alrighty, so my first look is a watermarble using three of the Veil toppers over a white polish. As you can see, they watermarble pretty well. The first photo shows them at their most opaque, which isn't really vibrant, but you can definitely see the petal design.The second photo shows the transition to transparent, revealing the white polish underneath. Because of the thin amount of polish from the watermarble, with heat the color completely disappears. 

Polishes used:
New Order- bluish purple
Sea Lore- turquoise
Invoke- pink

For my second nail art look I tried a sponge gradient over water decals. This first photo shows the cold state of the thermal toppers. Since my hands were warm they were mostly transparent while making this gradient so it was really hard to see how opaque it was or wasn't getting. I sponged the polish on my nails about a dozen times just in case I missed any spots. In the cold state this is how much it covered the decals, which I kinda like how they peek through. In my second photo it show the transition as it warmed up. This was what it mostly looked like as I wore it. The third photo was taken after completely warming it up with hot water.

Polishes used:
Hexed- red
Charmed- green
(Nicole Diary roses water decal)

For this third look I painted the topper over a base polish on three of my nails, and with nail vinyl on one. The zigzags on my ring finger don't look as dark as my other nails because I only used one coat so that the vinyls would come off smoothly. For my other nails I applied two thick coats to make sure it was all even. Again, when applying the polish it was kind of hard to see how opaque it was getting because the warmth of my hands was turning it transparent. In my second photo I show the polish in transition. You can see that with the thicker layers of polish, although it looses its color in the heat, it's not completely transparent.

Polishes used:
Presto Chango- black
(Pretty & Polished Unvanquished- base color)

That's all six of the polishes in the collection, shown in a variety of ways. If you want to see them on their own for color comparison, I suggest checking out this swatch and review post by Naked Without Polish. Each of these polishes from the Veil Collection retails for $9/15ml and $5/6ml, and can be purchased through the Pretty & Polished website.

Pretty & Polished

I'd love to know your thoughts on this collection! Have you used thermal toppers before? Wearing these in the endless 100 degree summer weather made them a little less fun, because I could hardly see them for most of the day. I think I would enjoy these polishes much more in the winter. However I did really enjoy showing my kids my "magic trick" and seeing the polish change every time I washed my hands in cold water!

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