Friday, August 12, 2016

ABC Challenge: O is for Optical Illusion

Hi ya'll! I haven't been around much as I've been a little overwhelmed with birthdays, anniversaries, and back-to-school preparations. My plan was to take this month a little easy blogging wise, but I still have lots that needs to be shared! I just wanted to give you a heads up about my more than usual sporadic posting. Moving right along.. Today's ABC Challenge nails!

I recently received the new UberChic Beauty Op Art Magic stamping plate (review coming in the future) and so it was easily decided to create a "optical illusion" design. To make it more illusion-y I did gradients on each nail, even it's a little hard to tell!

What I used:
Glam Polish It's Now Or Never- light blue
Glam Polish Fairest Of Them All- medium blue
UberChic Beauty Op Art Magic stamping plate

Duuude, so trippy! I hope you enjoyed! Check out the links below to see more ABC Challenge nails. And don't forget to come back for next week's post. I already did my mani, and I LOVE it!

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