Monday, August 22, 2016

Guest Post by KellieGonzo

Hello everyone! I have another wonderful guest post for you today. The great and amazing Kellie from the blog KellieGonzo is gracing this blog with her presence and I'm am just thrilled! Kellie has some of the best swatch photos on the nail polish block and has influenced WAY too many of my purchases. After years of following her blog, I've had the pleasure of getting to know her more personally. She is super sweet, humble, and has a hilarious sense of humor. Take it away Kellie!

Hi there Nail Polish Society readers! I'm so excited to be featured today on Em's blog! She has become a really great friend out there in the blogosphere and I'm super happy to have been asked to do a post for her. Especially because her beautiful swatches and nail art always blow me away! I decided to try to test my limits and do a bit of nail art for you today for the occasion.

I started by getting inspiration from Kelli Marissa's Youtube video here on turquoise nail art and decide to do the pattern on my pointer and ring fingernails. I used China Glaze Rain Dance The Night Away as my turquoise crème base color. Then I added a bit of dimension with China Glaze Custom Kicks, a deeper, more teal type of turquoise with gold shimmer, dabbed on randomly with a bit of cellophane.

Then I used black crème Pretty Serious Cosmetic Absence and added a few drops to a cup of water until it spread out, then sprayed perfume on the water surface to get a fractal pattern to appear, then dipped my nails in on the pattern, then cleaned up the excess polish around the sides with a qtip before pulling the nails out. I realize this is hard to describe in text, so please watch Kelli's video for a visual explanation. I waited for the black to dry (though not long enough because it smeared slightly) and then applied a coat of 18k gold flake top coat, OPI The Man With the Golden Gun. I then put matte top coat over that once completely dry.

I decided to use a gold chrome polish from Sally Hansen's Color Foil line, Liquid Gold, for the middle and pinky nails. It's a one coat polish if you get the formula down just right, and it dries super fast. A float-y technique is best, too much pressure on your brush and the color will pull up on you. Dries soft in finish so it worked great with the matte turquoise nails I think.

Let me know what you think of these nails! Would you wear them? Thanks for letting me hang out here today Em, love ya! 

❤ Kellie

Wow Kellie! This mani is totally gorgeous! Thank you so much for helping me out, especially stretching outside your comfort zone to make nail art just for my blog!! Dear readers, do yourself a huge favor and go follow her on, Facebook, and Instagram.

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