Friday, January 8, 2016

Up A Tree

A few weeks back Alison from ALIQUID Lacquers had a nail art contest with the theme "Young At Heart". I gave it some thought on what that meant to me. The one thing that came to mind when thinking about what makes me feel young at heart was climbing trees. In my original Instagram post I wrote, "One of my favorite childhood pastimes was climbing trees. If you couldn't find me, I was probably up in a tree. I was quite the tomboy back then. On the rare occasion I will still find myself high in the branches of some tree looking out through the leaves and it brings me back to more innocent days."

I thought about painting freehand images of someone climbing a tree, but didn't like the idea from a design standpoint. Then I found this leaf image from my Uber Chic plates and went with a more representational concept of the view when climbing a tree. 

For my eleventh birthday I wanted a tree. My mom took me shopping at a local nursery and I asked for a fast growing tree that I could eventually climb one day. My tree (I named him Sid) is still growing there at my mom's house. It's been through some hard times but I haven't given up hope that some day I'll be able to climb it!

What I used:
ALIQUID Lacquer Angerona
Barry M Watermelon
heart stud from Born Pretty Store

Bonus photo!

Jane of the Jungle! I believe this was taken the year I graduated high school. A whole *gasp!* fifteen years ago.

Any fellow tree huggers out there?

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