Friday, January 29, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Films and Hehe Stamping Plate Review

Hi there! Today I am combining two posts because they go so well together. This is my second week participating in the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge. I was looking forward to this week's prompt- "film"- because I love movies and the possibilities are endless. I was also looking forward to sharing with you this awesome Hehe stamping plate that I was sent for review. If it's not obvious to you already, the film(s) I chose was the Harry Potter series. Can you see how the theme and this plate were made for each other? Accio awesome nail art!

Of course I'm a fan of Harry Potter, because who isn't? Even though the books are better, as per the norm, I think they did a fantastic job on the movies. To represent my favorite house I went with the Gryffindor themed stamping plate and colors. You may say the other Hogwarts houses have their merits, but let's face it. Gryffindor rules and everyone else drools.

The images on this plate are beautiful and coordinate so well together. My mani shows three of the five images from the Hehe 026 plate. I have another mani to share with you soon that shows another of the images. The quality of the plate is really good as you can see by my awesome stamping, if I do say so myself. ;) I am still practicing my decals though so cut me some slack! Decals are so much harder than they look, haha. Regardless, I'm pretty thrilled about how this all came together! Gryffindor wins the cup!

What I used:
OPI The "It" Color- yellow/orange
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Cinna-snap- brick red
Konad Black stamping polish
Seche Vite top coat
Hehe plate 026

There are Hehe imitation plates out there which are of poor quality. Genuine high quality Hehe plates are only available directly through the Aiyoohehe website. The pricing is very affordable as this plate retails at only $2 and shipping is free with purchases over $30!


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