Monday, January 11, 2016

Cubbiful Inspired Polar Bear

Hello there! Today I have cute and wintry mani for you. If you don't recognize it already, this is recreation of Cubbiful's adorable Polar Bear Nails. When I saw her mani I fell in love with it with many audible "awww"s from me. I decided to be brave and try it myself. And while I still enjoy Mina's version better, I think my effort is commendable.

I haven't done this much freehand work in a mani for so long. Can you tell which finger I started on first? Yep, my pinky. I did my middle finger last and it looks much improved over the other nails. I used to have the luxury if spending HOURS on a look, but I tried to kept this down to only one hour. With a new baby I never know how much time I'll have!

Whai I used:
Girly Bits Stormy Skies
acrylic paint

I hope you like it! You can tell it's a polar bear, right? When I first showed it to my husband he thought it was an arctic fox. Oh boy.

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