Tuesday, April 5, 2016

piCture pOlish Blue Dog

Hello gals! Today I have some swatches of the piCture pOlish collaboration shade Blue Dog by Vampy Varnish. I have had these photos for months and months. In fact, I was wearing this polish when my baby was born! I held off on sharing them and actually wasn't sure if I would ever post them.

This polish is truly unique to anything else I have and has such subtle complexity. I am frustrated that I wasn't able to capture it very well. I am finally sharing them today because these are the only photos I have edited and ready to be posted. Ever since I had to get a new computer a couple months ago I have been dealing with issue of photo editing software. It has been a giant pain. So I hope it is worth it somehow and you enjoy these photos!

Honestly there are so many photos that I never bother to take because I know I won't be happy with them. I keep thinking, someday when I learn my way around a camera better... or someday when I get this technique down, etc.. Maybe I should get over it because it really holds me back. It's really hard not to have those thoughts though!

If you like darker shades, I really recommend this one! As usual with piCture pOlish the formula is great! You can purchase Blue Dog from their website, or one of their many international stockists.

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