Wednesday, April 20, 2016

GERmaniküre Cuticle Nipper and Crystal Glass File Review

Hi everyone! Today instead of my usual nail polish or nail art post, I have some great professional nail care products to share with you! I received two products from the brand GERmaniküre to review and am impressed with the quality (most importantly) but also of the visually pleasing aesthetic. This post is a little more wordy than usual because it's full of good information. Keep reading to find out more!

The cuticle nippers I reviewed are the 5mm, standard jaw shape. They are made in Germany and have a few quality features that I really appreciated. First off, they come in a little leather case which I love because I actually like to keep nippers in my purse and this helps protect the nippers and anything else in my purse. Then next thing I noticed was the tension of the crush stoppers that give resistance as you squeeze the nippers shut. Not only does this help with prolonging the blade sharpness and preventing wear, it also gave me more control. I don't usually use nippers on my cuticles, as doing so can harm healthy tissue which can lead to infection. I do however have dry skin around my nails that I'm constantly trimming down. The tension in the crush stopper helps me to be a little more exact as I nip the dry skin off.

The second product was a crystal glass file. I have gotten just as much use out of this as the nippers! The file also comes in a sleek and protective leather case. And yes, I also carry this in my purse. I've photographed this one with my bare nails to (hopefully) portray how healthy they look right now! My nails are naturally weak and very prone to splitting. Since using crystal glass files the integrity of my nails has improved dramatically! Splitting is almost non-existent now. The files are handcrafted in the Czech Republic and are break-resistant. They "can be used either wet or dry, in both directions without causing microscopic frays and gouges on either nails or cuticles". The surface is so smooth to the touch that I use it to file my baby's nails and there's no fear or harming her, or my, skin. Once it starts getting a little messy looking I simply wash my file with soap and water.

I wanted to mention one last thing that I really appreciate about GERmaniküre, a cause I can really get behind. They believe in fair wages and are doing their part to fight against child labor by donating a percentage of their sales to families victimized by these practices.

I would recommend both of these products, especially the crystal glass file. If you don't have one, this will make such a difference in your nails! GERmaniküre products are sold through For more in-depth product information, watch their videos on Youtube.

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