Thursday, April 7, 2016

Glisten and Glow Group Customs Budding Blossoms and Black Roses

Hey everyone! I have some exclusive Glisten & Glow polishes to show you today. (I finally have Photoshop again so yay for new posts!) Although I've gone through a few bottles of Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat, these are my first colored polishes from the brand. Spoiler alert-- I am seriously impressed!

These two were created as group customs for a Facebook group I'm in. There was a contest to name them and please tell me by now you know that I was going to be all over that! The winning names were going to be picked by a random generator so I didn't put my best work in here. Still, I was so thrilled when my number was drawn and my winning name of "Budding Blossoms" was picked! I was so generously sent a bottle of not only this shade, but the second one that was being named too!

This is Budding Blossoms, a coppery pink (rose gold?) linear holo. The holo is sooo strong in both these shades! I wanted to share these polishes with you not only because they're pretty, but the formula is awesome! Each coat was very thin, but in a good way. They went on super smoothly without any patchiness. This was three thin coats, no top coat.

Black Roses is a vampy grape purple holo with red micro glitter. Again, super strong holo flair and I loved the touch of the red glitter that sparks through. Another amazing formula here. This was two thin coats, no top coat.

Funny story, one of my name suggestions for the purple shade was "Black Violet". The next person then wrote "Black Roses" and theirs is the one that was randomly picked. Haha!

I am curious, do any of you own any Glisten & Glows? Are you as amazed by the formulas as I am? Oh, and if you're wondering how many polishes I've named by now, I will let you know when I finish my post about it.. ;)

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