Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Celebrating 200 Posts With 200 Polishes!

Hey guys!
Today is another milestone for me. It's my 200th post! It doesn't feel as monumental as my 100th did. It kind of feels like my half birthday, an event that I like to pretend is important. Still, I had fun using 100 polishes for that post, so I thought, why not double the fun this time?! And by fun, I mean a crazy amount of work. Last time I told myself I would never be that ambitious again. Deep down inside I hoped I would forget that quasi promise to myself and do another one even bigger and better!

I remembered how long it took me last time, so I was determined for it not to take all night long. I told my husband not to worry, I wasn't going to try to be as organized as last time. I was just going to choose each polish willy-nilly and place it on my nail. Well after sitting down for a minute or two I quickly changed my mind and started planning what I was going to do. So it ended up taking three hours to complete. I was totally in the zone, so it went by really quickly!

For the mani, I started off with a black polish, then I added 199 polishes on top. That's right, not a single dot or dash is in the same polish. I am terrible at math, especially really late at night. So I had a few heart attack moments when I thought my calculations were off. For some reason it was vitally important to me to have EXACTLY 200 polishes. Since my nails are different sizes, the math wasn't as simple as dividing it by five. After double, triple, and quadruple checking my math, I'm pretty sure I did it right.

What I used:
Haha, kidding! I'm not that crazy to list everything. I will tell you the base black color is Wet n' Wild Ebony Hates Chris and the topcoat is Seche Vite

So what do you think? That I'm totally nuts? I would love to know how many polishes you've used in a single mani, and if you'd ever be crazy enough to try one like this.

You guys are the best ever! Thank you so much for following me along this journey and for your support. (((Hugs)))


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