Saturday, April 12, 2014

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Ahh, the hazards of working at the mall. I work in a multitude of locations, which exposes me to way too many establishments that sell nail polish! The other day on my lunch break, I happened into Forever 21 to see what they had to offer, and found a number of unique polishes that needed a home (specifically, my home).

It took a while to make a decision on which ones to get, pretty much my entire 20 minute break. Is it a problem that I prioritized nail polish shopping over providing my body nourishment? I finally whittled my selection down to just six, but I have a feeling I'll be back for more. I've swatched them all for you, because I'm the nicest ever, and will share some thoughts on them.

The first thing you should know is that none of these polishes have names on the bottles. I think you're familiar with how I, and any other lacquerhead, feel about nail polish names. Five of the six names I have provided with the photos came from the Forever 21 website. The sixth one I couldn't find on the website. Secondly, you might be wondering where I'm getting the name "Love & Beauty". Good question. Once again, it doesn't appear on the front of the bottle or on the label, but I got it from the website.
Without further ado, here are the photos:

Pink Confetti has a bubblegum pink base with multicolored and multi-sized glitter. I used two coats, plus topcoat. The formula was easy to apply and there is a lot of glitter payout in just two coats. I used two mostly to get the pink base more opaque. I think the combination of colors in the glitter is fun and festive. Perfect for a birthday party, don't you think?

Festive is a milky white base with green, gold holo, and orange glitter. I used two coats, plus topcoat. The glitter is not as dense as Pink Confetti, but I like that. This polish would have been perfect in a St.Patrick's Day mani. I'll have to make a note for next year. IMO, the name Festive would have been more appropriate for Pink Confetti.

Subtle Blue Confetti is a robin's egg blue base with magenta and teal hex glitter, as well as holo bar glitter that didn't show in my photos. As the oh-so-clever name suggests, it has a more "subtle" amount of glitter, which is great because it's so wearable. This was two coats, plus top coat.

Mint Confetti (shown over Sephora by OPI Give Peach a Chance) has a clear base with mint and white glitter. The mint glitter has a pretty sheen to it that adds a special touch. This is one carefully-placed coat, plus top coat. For another look, I used this in my Heavenly Pastels mani.

This no-name polish (shown over Sephora by OPI Casting Call) is the one I couldn't find online. It has a clear base and a variety of silver holographic microglitter, shards, and hearts. This is the one polish that I had to put some effort into the application. I really wanted to get those darn hearts on! I had to fish around more than I hoped to to find any, so I just stuck with two. I like the shards of glitter the most.

Cosmic Matter has a deep grey base color with chunky silver glitter. You can see in the photos the bumpiness this glitter creates. I like that it makes it have a textured look, without it being rough. I don't have another grey polish like this. This is two coats, plus top coat.
I ended up wearing this polish the longest. I can't remember how long I wore it for (hours? a day?), but I know that it started to chip pretty quickly. For the price I bought them for, it isn't much of a surprise. Still, if you wear your polishes for more than a day, it might be a concern for you.

Mint Confetti retailed at $3.80. The rest were all $2.80. I purchased them in store, and they are also available at Some additional thoughts:

What I liked:

  • Fun, unique colors
  • A good variety of glitters
  • Formulas were easy to apply
  • Inexpensive!

What I didn't like:

  • Caps that are bulky and don't line up correctly when screwed back on. If you're OCD, this will drive you nuts!
  • No names on the bottle!! Why?? How hard is it? Stormy Gray.. bam! There's a name. Pink Surprise.. bam! Another name. You Make My Heart Sparkle... bam! Someone give me a job already. It took me 5 seconds to come up with three names. Yes they have "names" on the website, but I want them on my bottle! (Also, the disconnect of the name "Love & Beauty".)
  • Cosmic Matter chipped quickly.

So what do you think? Do you own any of Forever 21's polishes? Any of them catch your eye? I hope this review was helpful for you. Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love finding these boutique polishes! They are especially fun at Rue21. Again, no names! :-/ I need to get back to Forever21. Looks like lots of new goodies there! Great review. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for all the awesome swatches! I love that grey and the milky glitters. I have 7 or 8 bottles of Love & Beauty from when the bottle was a different shape and they actually said Love & Beauty on them. I had a gift card to use and no store near me, so I ordered them online, sight unseen. My favorites are a beautiful light grey/blue shimmer with tiny iridescent glassflecky bits, a green/gold shimmer in the same vein, and a glitter/shard topper that is supposedly a dupe for OPI's I Lily Love You. Mine came with names on the bottles, but they're just like "Blue," "Green," "Multi Glitter," etc. Annoying! But if I lived near a store I'd probably have bought the whole line LOL.

    Oh, I also got the MOST SPARKLY holo silver glitter toppers in two different sizes of hexes. They are blinding!

    To the first commenter - a Rue21 just opened in the outlet stores near me. I guess I need to check them out!

    1. The ones you got sound so pretty! On the bottles I have there are labels with a description. Take for example, on the Festive bottle it says next to the barcode, "NAILS/POLISH/GLI/WHITE/MULTI". So that's why I don't think they really count as a name.
      Do I have a Rue21 near me? I'll have to find out!

    2. Oh no! Bad news for my wallet, I just looked online and found one close by. See you soon Rue 21...

  3. I loooove the nameless polish! The colour is gorgeous - too bad you had to fish for the hearts.

    1. I know! It was such a disappointment because after I get all the hearts out, I don't know if I'll keep using the polish.

  4. Wonderul glittered colors!
    Than you for sharing!
    Really lovely shoots!

  5. F21 used to call them Love & Beauty, but it seems in their latest re-branding of their cosmetics line its now just Forever 21 Nail Polish. I picked a few of these up myself last week. I really love their polishes. I hate that every time I get some, they are a different bottle shape and they always have terrible names like "red glitter". but they are fun and cheap.

    1. Did you get any of the same ones? Have you tried them yet? I debated whether to refer to them as Love & Beauty since they're nowhere on the bottle but I thought it might be helpful to those shopping online. Still confusing though. And I do always love a cheap thrill!

  6. This post was so much fun to read. It's really a highlight of my day.
    I LOVED to yellow mani. The yellow with the green sparkles looked so perfect - like an Easter egg candy! Maybe I love it so much just because it's yellow. Oh, yellow, I love you.

    1. Thank you! You do like your yellow, don't you :)


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