Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chaotic Chiaroscuro

When I wrote my Formula X swatches post yesterday, I looked at Chaotic and remembered how I've been meaning to wear it again. I loved how it looked on top of my gradient for my Blue Medley nails. Ever since, I've had this mani in mind, waiting for the right time to try it. In between all the soft, flowery, pastels of Spring, it's nice to have something stark and dramatic. I just love how the glitter seems to change in contrast over the black and white.

I started off with a white base, two coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White. I let that dry for a few minutes while I prepped my skin around the nail with Elmer's glue. When the glue was all dry I got a makeup sponge and painted it with Snow Me White and Wet N Wild Fast Dry Ebony Hates Chris. I dabbed the sponge on a few times until I achieved the effect I wanted. Then I applied a coat of Formula X Chaotic over the gradient. I finished it off with a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic. Then it was cleanup time! I removed the dry glue off my skin and used my cleanup brush and acetone to remove the remaining polish around the cuticles. I'm so glad it came out how I imagined it!

I always forget about the aftermath of a gradient mani. They take soooooo long to clean up. The polish sticks to my cuticles and doesn't want to let go. I thought this would take little time, easy peasy. It took just as much time to clean up as it did to apply it! Oh well, always worth it in the end.

What I used:
Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Wet N Wild Fast Dry Ebony Hates Chris
Formula X for Sephora Chaotic
China Glaze Matte Magic top coat

Do you like the dramatics of this mani? It's definitely one that demands everyone to "Look at me!".


  1. Soooo beautiful! One of my guy friends couldn't help himself from liking this post on FB. Smart guy!

  2. I definetly like this one. Must try someday!

    1. You should! Thank you. And I love your avatar. :)

  3. This is so perfect. It suits the name Chaotic so well.


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