Thursday, February 25, 2016

Paint All The Nails Presents Marble

Hey everyone! Today the ladies of Paint All The Nails have teamed up once again to bring you all things marble! This month's linkup has a theme that's up to a loose interpretation. There are lots of ways to achieve a "marble" look, so the choice was ours. My thoughts immediately went to water marble and I decided to take on the challenge.

This black and clear water marble over a rainbow base is one I attempted a couple years ago. You can see here that I only got as far as the rainbow gradient because I couldn't get the water marble to work for me. That was before I discovered Pipe Dream Polish Clearwater. Now don't get me wrong, I still struggled with this. As I am madly typing this out I am a half zombie because I stayed up waaay too late working on it. Despite the challenges and setbacks I had, I finally achieved a look that works! Not perfect, but it still looks pretty cool!

For this mani I began with a white base color. Then I applied my polish to a makeup sponge and dabbed on the colors over the white base. These colors are all from the new Colores de Carol Spring collection (I will have swatches tomorrow!). After the colors were blended (some better than others) I applied a holo top coat, Out The Door Northern Lights. Then I spent the rest of my life trying to get the black and clear polish to marble. This was the best I could do, haha.

I took photos of the rainbow gradient first juuust in case I completely failed.

What I used:
Colores de Carol Spring 2016 collection:
Yon-Dale- pink
Royce- coral
Darzi- yellow
Lillian- lime
Jallaford- turquoise
Niola- blue
Shommer- purple
Out The Door Northern Lights- holo top coat
Orly Liquid Vinyl- black
Pipe Dream Polish Clearwater- clear
Seche Vite top coat

What do you think? What would you do for some marble themed nail art? I can't wait to see how the other girls interpreted this month's theme. Check them out through the links below!

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