Friday, February 26, 2016

Colores de Carol Spring 2016 Collection Swatches and Review

Hey everyone! I was so excited to review the Colores de Carol Spring collection, because CREMES! Colores de Carol makes some amazing holos and glitter polishes that I love, but cremes are my jam. The collection is a bright, saturated rainbow of colors, plus a glitter topper. In cased you missed them, I've already used them in two nail art looks here and here.

Formula and application:
Colores de Carol polishes are all 5-free (meaning no Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor). The collection contains seven creme formulas and one clear based glitter topper. The formulas are all on the thicker side and the quality of application was half and half. Half of them were easy to apply, the other half (the brightest ones) took quite a bit more effort. Most of the issues I had were covered up with a good layer of top coat.

Bottle and brush:
The bottles contain .5 fl.oz./ 15ml. The brushes are skinny and round. The length is medium sized and flexes well for application. 

Yon-Dale is a bright pink creme. I had a hard time with the formula of this one. It was pretty thick and didn't want to apply smoothly for me. Still, I got good opacity after two coats. Shown with top coat.

In case you were wondering how Yon-Dale compares to Colores de Carol Maneater, I put them side by side. Maneater is deeper and is a creme/jelly formula compared to the lighter true creme of Yon-Dale.

Royce is a pink/coral creme. The formula did take a little more finesse, but was still workable. This was completely opaque in two coats, shown with top coat.

Darzi is a bright medium yellow creme. As with my experience with most yellows, the formula proved to be difficult. It was quite thick but it did cover fairly well. This is two coats plus some touch ups in spots. Shown with top coat.

Lillian is a bright lime green. My camera is notorious for not representing greens well. This represents the tone of it well, but it's deeper than my photo shows. This is the last one I had issues with. Again, it was on the thicker side and I had a hard time getting it smooth. This is two coats, shown with top coat.

Jallaford is a dusty turquoise creme. Yes! Beautiful shade, good formula. It applied well for me in two coats. Shown with top coat.

Niola is a cerulean blue creme. This is a beautiful shade of blue and the formula was great. This was two easy coats. Shown with top coat.

Shommer is a medium dusty lavender creme. The day I swatched this my daughter was wearing a onesie in this EXACT shade. This was another good formula. I used two coats, shown with top coat.

Pix is a clear based topper with square glitters in various matte pastel colors. This is a really fun addition to the collection. The glitter is densely packed and I only used one coat (glob and spread) in this application. The glitters all lay smoothly on the nail. Shown with top coat. 

Each polish retails for $10 and you can purchase the entire Spring collection for $75. Make sure to use my code NPSOCIETY for 10% off your order! There is also free shipping for all US orders over $10 this weekend with the code FSW10. (I don't think you can combine codes)

Colores de Carol

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