Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Poshinality Mysterious and Tomboy Swatches and Review

Poshinality is a new brand in the indie scene, based in Los Angeles. They had a big launch last month with a lot of bloggers participating. It was hard not to notice the swatches of Mystery on Nailz Craze (beware, Natalie's amazing photos will make you want to buy anything and everything she photographs) and I had to have it! So I checked out their site to see what else they have to offer. They have mostly traditional shades in a good mix of cremes, shimmers, glitters, and nail treatments. 

I was also attracted to the ideas of what their brand is built on. Specifically, their "Philosophy", which is really inline with that of this blog, as stated in the Nail Polish Society Declaration. Their Philosophy is:
  • Polish Is All About Personality.
  • You have a right to feel comfortable in your own skin, personality and style of fashion. No matter how glamorous. No matter how simple.
  • True beauty, confidence and self-worth come from within you.
  • No one can be you but you so be youdo you, and love you unconditionally.
What more can I say? How about nothing, so we can get on to the photos!

I was happy to receive my package just a few days after ordering it.

Mysterious is a black scattered holographic glitter. With all the glitter, the black ends up looking much more brown than black, and I love it. When I started to apply Mysterious, I was a little concerned that it seemed a little thin going on the nail. I was expecting the first coat to be a little thicker, but my worries were laid to rest after the second coat. This is two coats, plus top coat.

In the shade the color in the scattered holo isn't visible, and looks more gray/brown. It's still interesting looking though, isn't it?

Tomboy is a dusty denim blue creme. I'm always on the hunt for a good demin shade, and I wasn't disappointed! The application was smooth and even. I only needed two coats for opacity. Shown with topcoat.

I love this shade, yet there's another reason that I bought this polish. I often think of if I created polishes, what would they look like, what would their names be. Although I hadn't nailed down what the shade would look like, Tomboy was one of my top names I came up with. They stole my name! ;)
I might explain that I was quite the tomboy when I was little, and that's where the idea came from in the first place.

Both polishes retail for $11.00, and can be purchased here.

What do you think of these shades? My collection needed these colors, I'm really glad I got them. A couple Poshinality shades I have on my wish list are Dramatic and Diva. They look so pretty, and would also fill holes in my collection. Since they're a little more pricey, it will probably be a while. But I will let you know if/when I get them!


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