Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bordered Half Moons

Hello everyone! How ya'll doing? I can't believe it's going to be June tomorrow! It seems like winter lasts a lifetime, and then before you know it, it's 100 degrees and I'm dying from heat stroke. I'm just so glad that I live in such an arid climate and don't have to worry about humidity! Yesterday there were storm clouds hovering that raised the humidity to probably something like 3%, and it was getting uncomfortable. Haha. Well I know talking about the weather is so fascinating (okay, but it seriously is for me), so we will move on to the nails..

You might recognize this coral shade from my recent Two Toned Skinny Triangles mani. It's such a pretty polish, I needed an excuse to use it again!

I had the idea for the mani in my head and it seemed pretty simple and straightforward, until I really thought about it. It seems the easy way to accomplish it would to start with the blue, mask it off, and paint the other two shades on each side. It is possible this could have been accomplished. My concern was that I wouldn't be able to get the coral and nude polishes opaque enough over it. I didn't want to waste my time starting something that wouldn't work, and I didn't bother to experiment on my handy paper plate for some reason. Instead I went with the approach I knew would be successful, albeit time consuming. Very, very, time consuming.

I began with a nude base color of Barry M Gelly Lychee, which I then wore for a couple days on its own, because I like the color. :)

When I was finally ready to add to the mani, I masked off the area above my cuticles with some tip guide stickers and painted on the coral shade with Finger Paints Art Nouveau Nectarine. I topped that with a quick drying topcoat. Once that was completely dry I moved on to the next step.

For the blue border, I used the same tip guides on either side and painted OPI OPI...Eurso Euro in between. After letting it air dry for a sufficient time so the blue wouldn't smear, I applied one last coat of top coat.

I'm sure there was a faster way to do this mani but I couldn't think of it. It did turn out just as I planned though!

What I used:
Barry M Gelly Lychee- nude (purchase from Ninja Polish)
Finger Paints Art Nouveau Nectarine- coral
OPI OPI...Eurso Euro- blue
Seche Vite topcoat
tip guide stickers 

This is one that I probably won't be doing again because it was so time consuming. But I would do something similar that has a lighter border color so that I could do it the quick and easy way like I mentioned above. As I always say, it was still worth it!


  1. I love this! Totally worth the extra time to ensure perfection! :)


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