Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Glitzy Pinterest Nails

If you've spent anytime at all browsing nails on Pinterest, you've seen something like this. I've never done a mani quite like this, with the densely glittered nail. Yesterday I went to Sally Beauty and found these three polishes on clearance. When I brought them home I realized how great they looked together. It was destiny. I instantly thought of the manis I see on Pinterest all the time and figured it was worth a try to see if I liked it. Well, there is a reason there a bijillion manis like this. Because it's so darn sparkly and lovely!

For the chevron shapes I used tip guide stickers, which I also used on my index finger. On my thumb and pinky I used a dotting tool.

I really, really like all three of these polishes! What do you think of how I've put them together? I have so many more combinations in mind that you might see in the future..

What I used:
Orly Naked Canvas -cream/nude with purple shimmer
Orly Flawless Flush -pastel lilac with gold shimmer
Finger Paints Crystalline Crush- rose gold and silver glitter/foil
Seche Vite top coat

Do you like it? The glitter is textured so it gets a little snaggy. I think the tactile downside is worth it here for the visual gratification. 


  1. I love this combination of pink and gold, it's so pretty!

  2. I think this is amazing! I love the touch of color using pale lilac, and it complements the intense glitter on the other fingers.

  3. Super pretty! I love how daring you are with putting different colors together. I always forget to be more adventurous...

  4. I have never been a huge fan of pink so it feels a little weird to day this, but I really, really love this manicure. I love everything about it.

  5. The glitter polish looks fabulous and in combination with the pale pink and white one it became a glamorous but in a same time girly mani!

  6. I am all about glittery crazy blingy stuff--I think this one is gorgeous!


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