Thursday, May 15, 2014

Brijits Digits Dandelion Wine

Hello Ladies! I have a Brijits Digits polish to show you today! Brijit is a fellow nail blogger who has her own Brijits Digits Boutique, selling nail polish, jewelry and more. After visiting her blog many times I finally took a look at her Etsy shop and fell in love with Dandelion Wine. Then, to justify the shipping costs, I added another beauty, Bluebie Spritz to my order.

Today's post is one that I started weeks ago. With the unpredictable Spring weather, the sunshine has been sporadic and not at all ideal for outdoor photos. We finally got some full days of sunshine so I could really capture the beauty of these polishes!

The plan was to showcase all three polishes in one post, but I just made a last minute decision to break this up into two posts. Just for the fun of it. Also, I'm still pretty lightheaded from donating blood yesterday and don't have a lot of brain power right now!

To begin, here's what it looked like when I opened my box. So cute!

Each polish came in an individual box. I loved the design of the paper wrapped around them.

Today I will be showing you Dandelion Wine. I originally purchased that and Bluebie Spritz, but then Brijit let me know she was generously including a third polish to my order. *Squee!!* Isn't that so cool of her?! Thank you! :)

Brijit describes Dandelion Wine as "a wonderful polish for layering. It's a sheer ruddy jelly with duochrome mica dispersed through it, which changes colour from gold to chartrex." I have here two coats over a black polish. I am so pleased about Dandelion Wine because it is so unique, I don't have anything like it. My favorite part is the sparkle that jumps out from it. I also love the name. I think it fits the shade well.

Can you see the color shift?

This photo really illustrates the subtle color shift, as it looks different on each nail.

The application was smooth and even. The brush was a good quality and easy it to work with.

Brijits Digits polishes are available through her Etsy Boutique. They range in price. I purchased Dandelion Wine for $12.00. Unfortunately I'm not seeing this one available for purchases right now. Maybe she would make more on request? I should ask.. Yes! She can make more on request. :)

What do you think of this polish? I'm so excited to have my indie collection grow. I will be showing you Part 2 of this post soon!


  1. I love nail polishes in boxes too :-)
    That shade is very you !

  2. I love that you enjoy Dandelion Wine! I don't have any bottles prepped right now, but I'm always happy to whip up a batch upon request :-D


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