Monday, April 23, 2018

UberChic Beauty Collection 25 and Woodland Chic Stamping Plates Review

Hello ladies! Who is ready for some new stamping plates? I have yet another three plate collection from UberChic Beauty and an adorable Woodland Chic plate that I think you'll love! Let's get to it..


I struggle with layerable images so much. I can never get each nail right. But I think I'm getting better because this is the best I've done so far! I keep trying because it looks awesome when you get it right.

Polishes used:
Savannah Lacquer Raindrops
Sally Hansen Plummet and Cherry Fast
Powder Perfect Golden Stamping Polish


Now this is the kind of layering I'm more comfortable with. I love to find two different images that have no relation to each other to create a unique look. It doesn't require precision and takes no effort to get right. 

Polishes used:
Takko Lacquer Fairyland
Powder Perfect Pale Pink stamping polish
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Va-Va Violet

So I had an idea in mind for this mani and it turned out just as I imagined! The multichrome polishes really pop against the white and the squiggly image fits the looks so well.

Polishes used:
Colores de Carol Centaurus, Tadpole, and Arp
Rica Whiteout stamping polish


I really wanted to use this cool triangular pattern because I knew I could do some reverse stamping with it using minimal effort. Stamped over this flaky polish gives it an even more complex effect! 

Polishes used:
Nine Zero Lacquer Cotton Tail, Spring-kles, and Robin's Egg

Woodland Chic

There were so many great images from this plate it was really hard to choose! I decided to go with something on the more simple side for this first look. To get the opposite direction on my pinky I stamped on a layer of top coat on a mat, then peeled it off, flipped it, and placed it on my nail. 

Polishes used:
Essie Gel Couture Spellbound 
Bundle Monster Soft Sage
Essie Good As Gold

This mountain image stood out to me the most. I can't wait to see what other people create with it! I spent forever on this reverse stamping and I was so pleased with the results. Then I applied top coat and it all went to crap. So this is my best attempt at photoshopping it back to its original state, lol. Some of the areas I just couldn't fix, but that's no fault of the plate.

Polishes used:
piCture pOlish Swagger, Sky, Cactus, Enchanting, Camo, Cashmere, Malt Teaser, and Nougat

The Woodland Chic plate retails for $14.99 and the Collection 25 plates retail for $24.99. Both are available now through UberChic Beauty's website.

UberChic Beauty

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