Tuesday, February 21, 2017

UberChic Beauty UberSwatcher Review

Hey ladies! I was sent a pack of the new UberChic Beauty UberSwatchers, an organizing tool that is designed to fit atop your nail polish bottles to help you find the color you're looking for. They are one-size-fits-most stretchable rubber caps with removable white plastic pieces that are made for painting regular or gel polish directly onto. I have pictures below of 17 different nail polish brands that I've fit the swatchers onto.

As you can see above, the Zoya that flares out at the top was the most difficult to fit. I'd say the next hardest to fit  were OPI and China Glaze, but they weren't as much of a challenge. Most of the other bottles were easy to fit them to. I do own polishes from other brands that I couldn't fit the swatchers onto such as Orly and other brands with large square or rectangular lids. Butter LONDON has one of those lids that can be removed so you can store your bottles without them. Other brands though don't have those detachable lids and are just too big for this product.

Once the swatchers are painted and attached, a top down view gives a a very accurate picture of the polish inside the bottle. For the most part I find that I can usually find the color I'm looking for well enough on my own. The biggest exception for me is those polishes that separate, which I have quite a few of, and the watery color on top looks nothing like the polishes' true color. The other biggest use I see for the UberSwatcher is for gel polish where the bottles are opaque and you can't see the color from the outside. I still don't own any gel polish, but if I did I could see these being a helpful tool.

The UberSwatchers are sold in sets of 25, 50, and 100 with a price tag of $26.99, $51.99, and $92.99 respectively.

UberChic Beauty

So tell me what you think of these storage tools and would these be helpful to you? I feel like I need to add that for me personally with the size of my collection, the price would be quite steep to be getting one for each polish. To focus on the bottles that could use them the most, like for separating polishes or if I began a gel polish collection, it would be more doable and reasonable.

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