Saturday, February 18, 2017

Nail Art Doodles With Essie (Brushing Up On Freehand Skills)

Hello my lovelies! It has been ages since I've done any freehand nail art. I've found that it's one of those skills that if you don't use it, you lose it. Not to say that I was in any way a master to begin with, but I could feel my abilities falling behind. So here's some nail art that I attempted with a detail brush. If it looks like I didn't have a plan going into it, that's because I didn't!

I almost didn't share these with you guys because I thought they looked a lot better in person than my in my photos. I was disappointed, but figured there might be someone who enjoys these. I don't want all that hard work going to waste!

What I used:
Essie Lace Me Up- nude/pink
Essie Chinchilly- greige
Essie Armed and Ready- green
Essie Sable Collar- brown/plum

 xx Have a great weekend everyone! xx

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