Friday, May 20, 2016

ABC Challenge: C is for Clinique

Happy Friday everyone! So far I am three for three in doing my Challenge manis late Thursday night. Next week will likely be the same, but I'm hoping I'll get ahead of the game eventually!

For my "C" prompt this week I chose Clinique for my inspiration. More specifically I have a cosmetic bag that I've wanted to recreate in a nail art look for quite a long time. I thought a water marble would be the right choice but have been putting it off because, you know,.. water marble. I finally bit the bullet and gave it a try with, umm, mixed results. In the end I realized trying a dry marble would have probably served me better. But hey, I like to play fast and loose.

I've mentioned before that I used to work for Clinique for a number of years. I am still pretty loyal to the brand, at least as far as skincare goes. I rarely miss their Bonus time, hitting up each department store every couple of months. As a result I have a tooooon of cosmetics bags. No doubt this won't be the last nail art inspired by one. 

My mani still captures the essence of the bag, right?

This nail came out so well! I considered removing all the others and painting those nails solid colors. I kept it this way though because I still like how "unique" each pattern is.

What I used:
Powder Perfect Smooth Sailing Base Coat
Pipe Dream Polish Whitewater
Pipe Dream Polish On The List- pink
Pipe Dream Polish 110 Degrees- orange
Pipe Dream Polish Light Of Day- yellow
Pipe Dream Polish High Roller-green
Seche Vite top Coat

PS, I went with the green polish to hold in my pose because green is the color of Clinique.

I hope you're enjoying my ABC Challenge posts so far! If you'd like to participate, it's easy peasy. Just take a look at this post for all the info. Let's see what the other ladies have come up with in the links below:

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