Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 2016 Magic 8 Box: 80's Love Songs

I've been wanting to share this post for the last couple of weeks but I've had trouble finishing it because I have been so sleep deprived. I feel half brain dead right now so please forgive me for any missteaks. First things first, I want to let you know this box is no longer available. Sorry! But since I went to the effort of purchasing the box and trying them all out, I wanted to show you the polishes and let you know what I thought of them. 

Half of the brands were new to me, ones that I've wanted to try, and this was my biggest motivation to purchase it. The other half were brands I've both purchased from and ones I've been happy with so I trusted it would be worth my money. The price was only $59 (not including shipping) for eight full sized polishes, and I felt that was a pretty good deal. Let's get into the polishes now!

ALIQUID Lacquer Can't Fight This Feeling is a deep blue jelly with ultra chrome flakes, purple shimmer, and holographic flakes. I'm showing you this one first because it's my favorite of the box. Look at how stunning it is! If you missed it, I showed this off in a simple nail art mani here. The formula was a little on the thicker side but it was still pretty manageable. This is two thick coats plus top coat.

Philly Loves Lacquer This Much Is True-oo is a deep gray crelly with gold and multi chrome flakies and holographic glitter. You may know by now how much I love gray and this was a nice addition to my collection. The first coat applied a little patchy but I achieved good coverage after two coats.

Rica Time After Time is a full coverage micro glitter with pink, rose, gold, and holo micro glitters. I get frustrated every time I try to photograph these formulas. My photos make it look textured but in person it has a much smoother look to it. It is really top coat thirsty, but with a second layer of top coat it looks smooth and sparkly. This is two coats plus top coat.

My Indie Polish Purple Rain is a grape creme packed with "a mixture of holo and galaxy holo glitter in silver, blue, teal, purple, and flakies". There is a lot going on in this polish and it all works so well. The formula was really great and the application was smooth. This is two coats. My one complaint is that the bubble wrap reeked of cigarettes. It was quite the turnoff, but once the bottle aired out, it didn't stink.

Native War Paints Never Tear Us Apart is a warm orchid purple crelly with delicate blue contrasting shimmer. This type of formula is the signature style of Native War Paints and I was happy to finally try out the brand. Application was really good and this was two coats plus top coat.

Pipe Dream Polish Cherish is a richly pigmented cornflower blue crelly with gold flakes, iridescent flecks, and scattered holo. This is an all around fabulous polish with a great formula. This was two coats.

Delush Polish Never Gonna Give You Up is a light blue crelly with round, square, and micro matte neon glitters and blue shimmer. I don't have many of these types of polishes so I was happy to add this one to my collection. I swear it always happens to me that I get a good looking distribution of glitters on my second coat but once I get to the third coat for the right opacity, all of those glitters get covered up! Someone please explain to me the science behind this phenomenon. This was three thin coats.

Smoky Mountain Lacquer Faithfully blurs the line between blue and gray. It's a really soft shade, and again I love my grays. The formula was a little thicker than anticipated so application took some finessing. This was two coats, plus top coat.

Again, this box is no longer available. The Magic 8 Box is made up of four regular contributors (Philly Loves Lacquer, Rica, Smoky Mountain Lacquer, and My Indie Polish) and four guest makers. They are available in limited quantities every other month. The March box was sold in February and the May box will be sold in April.. (I know, it doesn't make much sense to me either :P). Oh, and the theme for the upcoming May box is Broadway! So tempting!

I hope my review gave you a good introduction to this box and maybe some brands you haven't tried yet like myself. I'd like to purchase this box again in the future. If I do, would you like to see another review?

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