Saturday, March 5, 2016

Flower-ish Needle-Drag Marble

Hey everyone! Enjoying your Saturday? I have zero plans for the weekend. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I have some fairly simple, yet complicated looking nail art for you today. I created these needle-drag marble nail decals on my UberMat a couple nights ago. I forgot about them (oops), then remembered again and put them on my nails.

To create these decals I began with a clear coat on my UberMat. Over the clear coat I created a thick rectangular border of polish. Working while the polish was wet I immediately added the contrasting polish inside the border, filling in the empty space completely. Then I took an orange stick (anything small and pointy should work) and starting from the border color I dragged it into the middle, then out again in counter-clockwise swirling movements.

The decals were still fairly pliable by the time I got around to putting them on my nails, but they were slightly "crispy" in spots and it was a struggle getting them to lay flush with my nail. The thickness of them probably helped them not be too fragile but then made it harder to stick down. I had to be pretty aggressive with them to make them work, which you can see a little bit from the streaks on my accent nail. Fortunately they stood up to the abuse and I got them to work. So the creating of the decals was pretty simple (although, I did create about a dozen and these were the best four I came up with), it was the applying of them that presented the biggest challenge. 

What I used:
China Glaze In The Near Fuschia
China Glaze Highlight of My Summer
Seche Vite top coat

I hope you enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!

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