Thursday, February 12, 2015

Love Letters From The Penitentiary: Free Valentine's Day Printables For Your Jailbird Sweetheart

As proof that not ALL of my time is wasted spent doing my nails, I have a different kind of post for you today. You may know that pen palling is a long-time hobby of mine. I have an affinity for stationary and greeting cards, and have quite the collection. 

There is something great about finding that perfect card that says just what you want to convey. Sometimes though, you can't find a card for a specific occasion or recipient. The lack of variety and options is almost criminal. I'm an equal opportunity kind of person when it comes to all occasion greeting cards. Everyone needs a way to express their love- the friend, the parent, the lover, the incarcerated. I think there is a certain niche that the card-making conglomerate has missed out on. This is my attempt to rectify that situation.


Graphic design and I aren't friends. We're not even acquaintances. Luckily I have a brilliant sister April who has these skills in her wheelhouse. We teamed up to create these printable Valentine cards for your enjoyment. I have for you a series of four cards, in four design themes to choose from:

I hope these cards help you to express the romance between you and your loved one. Feel free to share this post with all your friends, loved ones, and cellmates!

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