Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fade Into You Valentine Gradient

In case you couldn't tell by my recent manis, or the calendar, Valentine's Day is almost here. Do you have any special plans? Dinner with your sweetheart? Partying with your girlfriends? Cuddling with your kitty? The hubby and I have plans to do something. We just haven't planned what that something is yet. We prefer to avoid the crowds and celebrate before or after the 14th. Something about mobs of hungry people just doesn't say "romance" to me. If you are braving the crowds and don't have dinner reservations, I have a helpful tip. After three+ years of working as a hostess I can tell you it doesn't hurt to attempt a little bribery. Or if you're not into that, you might want to bring some crackers to munch on while you wait two hours for your table.

For this look I started with a pastel pink base color of Sinful Colors Easy Going. I let that dry for a while. Then I used a makeup wedge to sponge on the two other colors, Jenna Hipp Ain't Life Grape and Sephora by OPI Keys to My Hybrid. To get the gradient a little more smooth, I applied a fast dry top coat. Next I stamped my image, again using Sephora by OPI Keys to My Hybrid. I finished with another application of top coat.

What I used:
Sinful Colors Easy Going- pastel pink
Jenna Hipp Ain't Life Grape- medium purple
Sephora by OPI Keys to My Hybrid- deep berry
MoYou London Festive Collection plate 19
Seche Vite top coat

I really want to do something as a whole family to celebrate too. Any suggestions? What were your Valentine's Day family traditions growing up?

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