Friday, December 19, 2014

Deborah Lippmann I've Gotta Be Me 15th Anniversary Set

Hey all! I was in the middle of this post yesterday when Photoshop decided to stop working. Arg. Thank goodness for my hubby who got it running again! Today I have for you the limited edition Deborah Lippmann I've Gotta Be Me 15th Anniversary Set comprised of six 8ml minis. While scoping all the holiday sets at Sephora last month I was intrigued by this one in particular, but passed because of the $49 price tag. When I returned this week I found it reduced to $34 and it immediately went into my basket. 

Previous to this set I've only had one Deborah Lippmann polish in my possession- La Vie en Rose. It's a gorgeous shade and I'm so glad I have it, but the formula wasn't the easiest to work with. Since I'm still familiarizing myself with the DL brand I wasn't sure what to expect. I was pleased to discover that with each shade in the set the formulas were high quality, smooth and easy to apply. The only issue I had was with the thinness of each coat, because they highlighted my ridges and flaws. 

Lastly, I had a bugger of a time photographing these. I got them as color accurate as I could. Each one is shown without topcoat.

You've Got A Friend is a very pinky nude creme. It's not the most flattering nude for my skin tone, but probably would be on someone darker. The formula is thin and required three coats.

Running On Faith shimmery gunmetal/green. I thought I used two coats on each nail, but looking at my index finger I think I must have forgotten it. Oops.

Fashionably Late is a dusty deep eggplant creme. I love this shade, it's my favorite of the set. This is two coats.

Ya Got Trouble is a unique bronze and subtle green duochrome shimmer. I think if this were a couple shades darker, it would be more flattering on me. This two coats.

This One's On Me is a gorgeous vampy purple with fushia shimmer. This is my second favorite. It's opaque in two coats, but next time I will use three to disguise my flaws better.

Stand By Your Man is a deep cherry red creme. These photos make it look a few shades lighter than it is in real life. But it also looks lighter in the bottle than it does on the nail. I used two coats.

You can purchase this set at Sephora and Nordstrom for the sale price.

Although I call these minis they are actually half size, where minis are typically a third of the size of a bottle. With the mark down of $49 to $34 it's a pretty good deal.

Have you picked up any of Deborah Lippmann's holiday/anniversary sets?

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