Thursday, September 11, 2014

31DC2014 Day 11: Spiraling Dots

For the "polka dot" prompt I wasn't feeling very inspired. Polka dots, specifically, seem more restrictive and kinda boring. I think it should be changed to just plain "dots" because it really opens up the possibilities. I think that's what everyone is doing anyway. I tried to think back to a dot design that I liked, and I remembered the dot spiral I did in this mani  here.

I've been putting this post off all day because I am frustrated with the photos. The colors I used are so lovely, but I knew when I picked them out that it would hide the design. For some reason I like to make things difficult for myself. Especially since it took me two hours to do these swirls! I tried both indoor and outdoor photos, but neither look as good as in person. :P

I feel like you can see the swirl best in this photo.

What I used:
Zoya Lotus
piCture pOlish Eerie
Wet n Wild Chrome Steel the Spotlight

Here's what I did for last year's 31DC2013 Polka Dots post.

It's almost midnight, so I need to get this posted NAO! Goodnight :)

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