Thursday, September 25, 2014

31DC2014 Day 25: Emilio Pucci Inspired Nails

Hello my pretty polished peeps! For today's Inspired by Fashion prompt I was inspired by this Emilio Pucci dress here. It was my original plan, but when I woke up today I wanted to do a take on a t-shirt and jeans. That's my "style" most days. So, hey, why not honor it? In the end I knew I still wanted to be a little more adventurous, and I'm happy that I did.

For the textured look with the coral I used the water spotted technique over a nude base. Then I free handed random shapes of black on top.

Does this look kinda warrior princess to you?

What I used:
OPI Skull and Glossbones- gray
OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster- coral
Wet and Wild Fast Dry Ebony Hates Chris- black

Here's what I did for last year's 31DC2014 Inspired by Fashion post. Love this year's so much better!

Are you a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal too? I try to keep it simple! Except when it comes to nail polish of course. ;)

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