Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Anonymous Lacquer- You Had Me At Hello Kitty

One of the awesome perks of having an Instagram account now, is all of the IG-only contests I get to participate in! One such contest was held by @anonymouslacquer to help name her new tribute to Hello Kitty nail polish.
If you've been following me for very long you will know how I feel about nail polish names. I'm pretty opinionated about them- they need to be good! So of course I had to jump on the opportunity to come up with something inspired. And guess what... my name won! As if naming a polish wasn't a prize in and of itself (I mean, it's pretty cool, right?), I was sent my very own bottle of You Had Me At Hello Kitty!

My repost of @anonymouslacquer's contest was actually my first IG post! Beginner's luck? Let's hope not. My other name suggestion, by the way, was How Do You Like Meow? I'll have to tuck that one back into my nail-polish-name-ideas folder.

Now on to the polish itself..

This glitter nail polish is packed with a huge variety of shapes and colors, suspended in a clear base. So many colors in fact, I struggled with what to use as my base polish. I wanted to use a color that had enough contrast to show off all the different glitters. I tried it over 12 different polishes (on my trusty paper plate) and finally decided Essie Lapis of Luxury provided good contrast.
There's a mix of opaque glitters, and also a variety of iridescent ones that add a sparkly dimension. My favorite glitter pieces? The yellow triangles! I don't know what it is, they are just so spunky!

I also want to mention the HK nail art on my index finger was inspired by a tutorial by IG@shay8815. It's one that I've seen on Pinterest for a while, and what better time to try it?

I don't see that You Had Me At Hello Kitty is available online yet, but you can shop the other fabulous Anonymous Lacquer polishes here.

Any Hello Kitty fans? I especially like HK stickers and stationary. Look what else I got in my package! My daughter was all over the keychain, and obviously the candy.

So..what do you think of the name?! If you don't like it, I don't think we can be friends any more.. ;)

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