Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Love, Charlotte XO by Color Club From Charlotte Russe Swatches and Review

Today I have swatches of four polishes that I found the other day at Charlotte Russe. I don't usually shop at that store but I decided to stop in, curious if they sold any nail polish. I was excited to find that they had a good selection (maybe 20 different shades?), and a few that I really wanted to try. They were being sold 2 for $6.00, or $3.50 each, so I ended up with four. 

I was really pleased with the formulas. The application was easier than I expected, and each had good pigmentation. It only required two coats for each creme shade, with decent opacity in just one coat. 

Unfortunately none of the polishes had names! Hello! Isn't that the second best thing about a nail polish, beside a great color?

This shade I am calling a lime-mint. It's bright, like double-mint gum. See, that could be its name right there. My camera hates most greens, especially if they have any amount of blue, so these first two swatches didn't photograph well. I had to darken the photos because the green is so bright (but not neon) that the color got washed out. The polish almost looks matte here, but it's not.

This is two coats, good formula and easy application. Plus top coat.

This next polish I will call a turquoise-mint. Isn't it a beautiful Easter-y shade? Again, this shade made my camera angry so I had to make it a little darker. No, I'm not wearing self-tanner here. :)

Two coats, good formula and application. Plus top coat.

This polish is a dark purple-grey, which I love. It's such a pretty shade, I could wear it year-round.

I may have been able to pull off one coat with this if I was generous enough with the polish, but I did two regular coats here to get perfect coverage. Good formula, easy application. Plus top coat.

Lastly, I have a neon-pink hex and white bar glitter. This fun and funky glitter is a good addition to my small glitter collection. The biggest sized glitter is so big that it didn't lay completely flat, but at least it wasn't curling. One thing that can be difficult with glitters is that they can be too "wet". I felt this one had too much clear polish, which affects both application and drying time.

This is "one" coat, meaning I dabbed it all on trying to get good glitter placement. Average formula, and had to put more effort into application. Of course, I used top coat.

I am so happy about my finds! Honestly I didn't have high hopes, but thought it would be worth the experiment. Now that they have exceeded my expectations, I will be going back for a few more that I had my eye on.

What do you think of these? Will you be purchasing any? *As of this posting I'm not finding this line of polish on their website. Hopefully they will put them up eventually, for those of you who are not near a store location.*

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I LOVE the purple, and think it looks awesome with that glitter. My daughter would just love that mani. Just today, with sparkly purple polish in hand, she asked if I would please let her paint her own nails today. Too bad we were on our way out the door. Maybe tomorrow. Can I relinquish that much power? I shall soon find out.

  2. Wow, the colors are amazing. I would say the dark purple is an eggplant color. I don't care much for the glitter because I don't like bar glitter but the cremes are gorgeous.

    1. I searched around online and can't find these anywhere...not at Charlotte Russ, not on Ebay and not on Amazon. =/

    2. I've never seen them on their site. Do you have a location nearby? Maybe I'll drop by the mall this week and see what they currently have.


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