Tuesday, February 18, 2014

butter LONDON Wallis + Blogger "Auto Enhance" Photo Issues

Today's post is featuring a newly acquired polish, butter LONDON Wallis. This shade is from their Fall 2011 collection I believe. I don't own many butter LONDON polishes because they are expensive (purchased at Nordstrom for $15), and it is easier for me to justify buying more when it's doesn't cost so much. The other ones I have I bought on clearance for about $10 or $12. I decided to "splurge" because I had a Nordstrom gift card specifically purposed for nail polish. I stood at the nail bar for some time trying to narrow down my choices. I finally went with Wallis because I knew I didn't have anything like it. It was a necessary addition my my collection.

Shown here is two coats plus top coat. The formula is really smooth and was easy to apply. butter LONDON describes Wallis as a "tarnished, olive gold". The description is so spot on, but it's hard to see in my photos! I tried to boost the color level as much as I could to get the color more accurate, but this was the closest I could figure out. Here, it looks more solidly green, with a gold tint. In person though, the tarnished gold is so much stronger.

(The following is for Blogger users)
It was already frustrating not being able to get the photos as color accurate as I wanted. You can imagine how much more frustrated I was when Blogger was auto-enhancing my photos once I uploaded them! You can compare the difference here with the photo above being the original, and the photo below is the one that was auto-enhanced. Pretty big difference, right?

I wasn't even aware that that was an option until I saw someone write a post about it a few months ago. It's mostly hard to know this is part of your settings because it can only be changed through Google+. So when I read the post, I promptly found my photo settings and turned the option OFF. I guess because I took two months off from blogging, Google+ decided that I wanted it back on and changed it back for me. Arg. I'm glad I at least figured it out. I honestly thought that I was losing my mind and/or I needed glasses. 

If you have a Blogger account that is connected to your Google+ account and want to turn the auto-enhance option off:
1. Go to your Google+ page
2. Go to Settings
3. Scroll down to Auto Enhance, and select "Off". It will automatically save your change. Although in my case, it changed it back a few months later. It might be something you'll want to check periodically.

About the polish again: I don't know how much this color compliments my skin tone, but I don't really care because it's so beautiful on its own and I can't stop staring at it!


  1. You truly are the best blogger! Who else writes well, takes amazing photos, gives me one of the only respites from my hectic life, AND helps other blogger just because?! You really are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

  2. One of my favorite BL polishes. And SORRY! I dont even know how I was never following you before because your blog is great!

    1. Aww thanks! That means a lot coming from you. I've only been around for six months, and there are so many great ones out there that I'm discovering every day. I love all the changes your blog has gone through in the last few months!

  3. Someone else who got attacked by the Auto-Enhance monster! I really wish this was off by default. I honestly don't know how many of my photos were ruined by it >.< I noticed when I posted one of those finicky orangey-pink shades that had been hard enough to get right before, then when I posted, it looked completely different! Went in circles for ages before I found out what was going on. Surely they must realise how many of us use our blogs for colour-sensitive things...! Anyway, I've started paying closer attention and checking periodically to make sure they haven't turned this on again. Thanks for making me feel better about it--I hate that some of my pics may not be quite right.


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