Monday, November 4, 2013

Autumn Leaves Skittle Nails

Once again I am loving the colors of the season. Today's nails are a reflection of what it looks like outside my back door. I did some skittle nails in ombre fashion to showcase all of the colors in the leaves. Then I added some abstract leaves to display many of the shapes too. I say abstract because my son won't believe that the one on my pinky isn't a banana. I admit he has a point.

I am soaking up the beauty of the vibrant leaves while I can, before it all turns ugly and bare. Or even worse, blanketed in snow. Don't get me wrong, I do like snow. But it has its place. It belongs in the mountains, where I can gaze upon its beauty from a distance. Not where I have to drive in it or have it ruin my shoes.

The color on my middle finger I got from mixing together Sephora by OPI Paisley Attention to Me(the color on my ring finger) with some black polish. All the leaves were drawn on with my It's So Easy Stripe Rite polish.

What I used:
OPI Lost On Lombard- brick red
OPI Wooden Shoe Like to Know- brown
Sephora by OPI Paisley Attention to Me- orange
Sephora by OPI Yellow My Name is Betsey- yellow
It's So Easy Stripe Rite in black
Seche Vite top coat

What do the colors look like where you live? Maybe when the snow comes it will inspire pretty manicures, and that will make it worth it. It's doubtful, but I can still hope.

Tomorrow I will be bringing you a Special Edition post, so stay tuned! 


  1. I love your "abstract" leaves! And I love living in a place again where the leaves actually change color. There's a big ol' tree outside that has been dropping the most beautiful yellow leaves all over the ground. I think is magical.

    1. The best combination is getting to watch the leaves fall, and not having to be the one to rake them! Muahaha.

  2. I also think Fall is gorgeous, and love me some good sweater weather. Note I said sweater weather. Not full-on wool coat-scarf-gloves-earmuffs-hat-and boots weather! Summer is always my favorite, but I'll enjoy Fall while I can!

    If I DIDN'T live is a place with changing leaves, I would live on a beach somewhere tropical. Because who needs falling leaves when you have a beach?!


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