Friday, February 9, 2018

Emily de Molly February 2018 Releases

Happy Friday everyone! I have eight new shades from Emily de Molly to show you today and I think you'll fall in love with one or two.. or more like I have! The formulas were all great and I didn't have any issues. Let's take a look..

Embellished Response is a bright flamingo pink with gold shimmer and gold flakes. Wow! This is probably my favorite of the bunch. It's so delicious. Shown is two coats plus top coat.

Modern Muse is a light red to pale pink color changing thermal with turquoise shimmer and blue chrome flakes. I was never that interested in thermals before but they're really growing on me. Shown is two coats plus top coat.

Little Whispers is a gray leaning purple with gold to green shifting shimmer and silver holo micro glitter. This is super sparkly! Shown is two coats plus top coat.

Jaded Visions is a dark teal blue to light teal green color changing thermal with copper shimmer and green to purple iridescent flakes. This first photo isn't quite accurate, but the next one shows the lighter color much better. Shown is two coats plus top coat.

Change of Pace is a pale pink with strong violet shimmer, silver micro glitter and copper flakes. I love the way Hayley does pale colors. This is so gorgeous! Shown is two coats plus top coat.

Art of Structure is a honeycomb orange/yellow holographic with silver micro glitters. This is such a unique color that I can't help but be a fan. Shown is two coats plus top coat.

Linked Irony is a silver holographic with gold/pink/green iridescent flakes and black micro glitters. You can't go wrong with a silver holo. Shown is two coats plus top coat.

Ruined Cities is a red based plum with green to pink shifting shimmer, copper micro glitters and gold flakes. The shimmer is so strong! Shown is two coats plus top coat.

These new shades will be available February 10th through both the Australian site and US and international site

Emily de Molly

What do you think of these? Do you have favorites? My top picks would have to be Embellished Response, Modern Muse, Change of Pace, and Art of Structure.

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