Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Colores de Carol New England Escape Polish Pickup Exclusive

*press sample

Summer is over! Yay!! At least the kids are in school, now I'm just waiting for the temps to drop below 90 degrees. I was planning on finishing this post yesterday but I instead enjoyed the eclipse! It was a super cool event to share with my kids. Speaking of Fall, I have for you an exclusive shade for next month's Polish Pickup! The Polish Pickup is a collaboration between many indie brands where they each make a shade based on that month's theme that is available for a limited time. The great thing is that it's not a box, so you don't have to buy any shades you don't like. They're available on an individual bases. Let's take a look at next month's Fall Foliage & Fun offering by Colores de Carol..

New England Escape is a deep green jelly filled with ultra chameleon chrome flakes, iridescent chameleon hex glitter, and a bright green shimmer. This polish is so deep and complex! The shade of green is hard to pin down because in the sun it appears more teal but indoors it looks more hunter green. The application was nice and smooth. It only took two coats for this coverage. Shown with top coat.
sunlight photo (above)

Looook at that bottle!!

New England Escape will only be available September 1-4th through www.polishpickup.com.

If you are a green polish lover you need to get your hands on this! Mark your calendars! PS I hope you like the name because I came up with it :).

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