Friday, November 13, 2015

Guest Post by Serenity Nails

Happy Friday! In my last post I mentioned that I would be featuring some upcoming guest posts. I am so happy to present my first from Christine of Serenity Nails! Christine is a talented blogger who I aspire to match in her photography skills and her writing (you should know by now- my least favorite part!). I'll let her introduce herself, and you can see what I mean:

Hi lovelies! 
I am so excited to be here on Emily’s blog today to share a little bit of something with you. But first, of course, let me introduce myself. I am Christine and I run a little blog out of Australia called Serenity Nails. Because I was completely unorganized I am sharing a simple swatch of a polish I picked up recently and some easy stamping I did with it. If you know me, you might know I’ve been on a little Emily de Molly kick lately. Emily de Molly is based out of Australia and produces stunning selections each month! First off I have swatches of the polish that stars in this mani. This is called The Glaring and was released back in September.

The Glaring has a deep blue jelly base with a myriad of glitters and beautiful ocean green shimmer.

I gathered the following items, all from Emily de Molly, to add some simple stamping;

The Glaring (already shown)
Clean Up Crew, latex barrier for skin
Medium Blue Crème stamping polish
Plate EDM13
And here is the finished mani! Let me know in the comments what you think!

I want to thank Emily so much for having me here today. Also, a BIG congratulations to the family on the arrival of their newest little princess! 

If you enjoyed this post, I’d love it if you came to check out my site, Serenity Nails (

Christine xx


What a delight to have her on my blog! I just love how much Christine showcases her local Australian indie brands. If you don't know, there is seriously something in the water there because Australia has SO many amazing nail polish brands! The downside is that her photos make me want them all, haha!

Thanks a ton Christine for your wonderful guest post! And to my readers- please go check out her blog and feast your eyes on some amazingly beautiful polishes. You can also follow Serenity Nails on
facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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