Tuesday, September 19, 2017

KBShimmer Polish Con Chicago 2017 Exclusives

*press sample

Hello ladies! It's been awhile! Last week was a constant struggle with nap time and I feel like I got next to nothing accomplished. My toddler is taking great naps this week because she is sick :(. I really need a happy medium..

For today's post I have two special exclusive Polish Con Chicago shades. Let's take a look.. 

Bean There, Done That is a silver linear and scattered holographic with micro holo flakes and subtle blue and pink shimmer that peeks through. If you think this is like any other silver holo polish, I promise it's not! The shimmer adds a really unique dimension. Shown is three thin coats plus top coat.

The Age of Aquarium is a darkened teal shade with holo glow flakes and a shimmer. This shade is so deep and the shimmer makes it shifty looking. Just stunning! Shown is two coats plus top coat.

Both shades will be available to those attending Polish Con Chicago this Saturday (as well as a VIP shade, not included in this post, for those who bought the tickets). There will hopefully be some left for the website, so keep your eye out!


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